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Subscribe to listings

Use your RSS reader to subscribe to listings on IP-Marketplace.


How to make a new listing

To make a listing, you must first registrar as a user. This is free of charge. When you have registered as a user, you can log-in and chose which kind of listing you would like to make in the menu to the left.

It is important that you read the terms and conditions for using IP Marketplace before making a listing.

How to find listings made by others

You will find the listings at IP Marketplace by choosing between Patents and utility models, Trademarks and Design at the front page. You do not have to registrar as a user to see the listings.

How to contact a seller/buyer or potential partner

When you find something of interest you can contact the owner of the listing by clicking on "Start an E-mail dialogue" at the bottom of the listing. You must be a registered user to send an E-mail to another user. You can registrar here. It is free of charge.


It is important that you read the terms and conditions for using IP Marketplace before contacting another user.

How to stay up-to-date with the newest listings (RSS feed)

Stay up-to-date on the newest listings at IP Marketplace in your favourite RSS reader. See available feeds here.

Inspiration: Why do others trade in IP rights?

Companies have the opportunity to increase their innovation capability by buying and in-licensing knowledge from others instead of using resources on developing something similar.

Companies can also increase their return on research and development by letting others buy or in-license their knowledge.

Inventors that do not want to start their own company can sell or out-license their inventions. This will allow them to continue to use their time and money on new inventions.

Entrepreneurs that does not have an idea can buy or in-license ideas of others and create a business based on these.

For more inspiration on how and why to trade in IP Rights, see IP Tradeportal.

How do I edit an existing listing?

If you would like to edit a listing, you should log-in and choose "Edit" next to the listing you wish to edit. When you are done editing, press "Send". The Danish Patent and Trademark Office will now have to approve your listing before it will appear at IP Marketplace. Until your listing has been approved, you will not be able to make further corrections in your listing.

How do I edit my contact information?

To edit your contact information, you must first log-in. Choose "Edit User Information" in the left hand side menu. When you are done editing, press "Save your information". Notice that by changing your E-mail address, you will also change you username.