Add-on accessory for self-propelled lawn mowers providing improved propelling of the mower under difficult circumstances

Business potential

Self-propelled lawn mowers are in common use and generally functions well. However, when for instance the lawn is slippery or sloping, the grip between the propelling wheels of the mower and the lawn may be reduced, whereby a reliable propelling effect is lost and damage can be caused to the lawn. We have invented a solution to these problems that provides an improved grip between the propelling wheels and the lawn under difficult circumstances without the risk of damaging the lawn. Our solution can either be obtained by means of an add-on accessory that can be provided to an existing mower or as alternative propelling wheels.

Technical summary

Our solution basically consists of a flexible cylindrical body that can be fitted to the outer circumferential surface of the propelling wheels. This body is provided with a number of outwardly extending grip-enhancing elements. The proper shape of these elements is important and our solution proposes triangular elements as a good solution. Further, in order to avoid the mower digging into the surface of the lawn, and thereby function as a rotary cultivator, we proposes incorporation of a simple clutch mechanism in the cylindrical body of the accessory.


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EP 16388003.2 (publication no. EP 3 118 016)
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