Chipping Bit with Carbide Tip

Business potential

This Utility Model is best use in the construction, renovation, or even in demolition. It is a new art of chipping bit that can be used by all kinds of jack hammer, power, air, hydraulic and other similar tools. It is a kind of chipping bit with carbide of tip, that can easily crack concrete, stone and the likes.

Technical summary

From the original chipping bit which is a solid metal, a piece of carbide will be placed on tip of it as disclosed, which will be welded by copper and/or the likes by placing a piece/s of carbide using cupper weld on tip of it to protect the bit itself from blunting. It can be use efficiently in chipping concrete, concrete opening, demolition of concrete walls, flooring, hallow blocks and the likes.

IP type:



Construction & Household



Application no.:

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Australia,Finland,France,Germany,Israel,Japan,Netherlands,New Zealand,North Korea,Norway,Philippines,Switzerland,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom,United States

Price indication:

500,000.00 USD

Type of cooperation:

Sale – royalty-based