Frame for easy mounting of paintings and canvas

Business potential

The Frame is a disruption of the floating frame market.
Today's way of framing and mounting stretched canvas paintings is difficult as it involved nails or screws to be mounted with pieces of wood on the backside.
With the SV Frame, framing becomes extremly easy to mount or remove the paintings. This is not only important for the private artist, but also in the higher level marked such as galleries and museums or other venues.
The frame can be made in made different materials such as wood, plastic etc, and thus in various colours of forms. The key element is a liner of foam, that not only makes the mounting quick and easy, but also gives the right "floating" feeling for the stretched canvas artwork.

A product for art material stores, general retail stores as well as the art and craft proffesional market.

See how easy to mount the artwork;

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Technical summary

The frame has a flexible liner inside, which makes changing the artwork easy.

The frame can be produced in various forms and materials such as wood or plastic as well as
in many sizes.


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EP 15709833
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European Union, United States

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