High Strength Low Alloy Steel and Method of Manufacturing

Business potential

Utilizing new steel provides weight reduction of the components by decreasing their cross sections. For example, projected weight reduction of gears of the car standard automatic transmission of 230 lbs with gears of 130 lbs from carburized SAE 8620, 4320, and 9310 steels will be around 20%, or 26 lbs, with the implementation of the new method. Granted, utilizing the new steel requires additional investment in redesigning of the components. However, the benefits of utilizing the new method significantly exceed the costs of its implementation.

Technical summary

Energy saving and safety have become the most important issues for the auto-making industry. Weight reduction is most effective way to achieve this goal, which leads to the fast development and application of high strength steels for the automotive industry. High strength low alloy steel of the present invention is a new generation of high strength composition for the auto-making industry. High strength and impact toughness in hardened condition make the high strength low alloy steel of the present invention attractive for the automotive structural, safety, power-train, and suspension components.

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